Group Nish
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C20/2, Road No. 15, Hojiwala Industrial Estate, At: Vanz, Sachin- Palsana Road
Surat, Gujarat 394230 | +91 261 2800300

Vision & Mission

Group Nish Vision


Become Asia’s leading infrastructure specialty engineering company

Group Nish Mission


To serve our customers, employees and citizens by delivering innovative quality solutions to India’s infrastructure and environmental challenges

Group Nish Value


We demonstrate the following traits in executing our vision and mission:

Competency, Integrity, Positive Attitude,
Shared Leadership

Group Nish Quality


Group Nish has a leadership of technocrats that drives businesses. Our philosophy is first delivering value to our customers and our profit comes next. The team of Group Nish is made of professionals with a belief in company's vision and with a majority of homegrown management. We unify the team towards one goal - customer satisfaction.

Group Nish Work Culture

Work Culture

At Group Nish, we have a very open and democratic work culture and we are proud of a very low employee turnover. Our team is young, enthusiastic and self-motivated with freedom of work in such highly sensitive domain of business in terms of technicality. We stick to our core values yet honor flexibility of system when it comes to customer requirements.

The Team

Our team is made of passionate and dynamic employees having their freedom of work even in this highly complex domain of work. Our homegrown management system ensures provision of best and timely results. We have a team of over 110 people working in and outside India under experienced managers guiding them towards quality value addition. The members of our team are young and energetic engineers who are always on their toes to serve the customers with only the best.