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Nish Techno Projects PVT Ltd
Nish Techno Projects PVT Ltd

Nish Techno Projects Pvt. Ltd.

Automation (Higher end controlling systems containing PLC, SCADA, RTU, Wireless based solutions).

Instrumentation system ( Flow, Level, Pressure indicating and transmitting ,Analyzers contain turnkey solutions ).

Electrical panels (HT,LT, VFDs, Servo, Controlling, JBs, DBs) and Electro Mechanical solutions.

Vast Experience

Nish Techno Projects Pvt. Ltd. Vast Experience
  • The company has an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the Indian market as well as of the cultural patterns for various industrial solutions.
  • Over 30 WTP/STP major Supply, Installation & EC jobs with diverse stations.
  • Sewage Lifting Station automation for 12 pumping stations.
  • Over 10 Batch Automation projects in dyes and intermediate industries.
  • Various solutions for chemical plant and more than 200 reactor systems.
  • State of the art Substation and Pump House Automation over a network of 1 km at Atul Ltd.
  • Projects worth over 50 million in India on global tender basis.
  • Executed Water treatment system at Vietnam, water distribution system at NINL-Orissa, Jyoti – Kach Branch canal pumping scheme, BWSSB -550 MLD, LT panels system for Sai Sudhir Infra structure Ltd., Total HT, LT, Electrical Cabling Supply & EC for Xylem- Megha Engineering & Infrastructures Ltd. etc.
Vast Experience Group Nish

We are pleased to entertain any further enquiries or ordering information related to projects, product and services for any field related to Automation, Electrical, Instrumentation - technically as well as commercially.