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Group Nish, through its different divisions, provides its customers with the answers they need to strengthen their enterprises. When it comes to performing EPC contracts involving 66 KV Switchyards to C&Is, our organization is now the most trusted name. We specialise in providing ELECTROMATION solutions to the Process and Infrastructure industries throughout India, and we have expanded our activities to Singapore and South East Asia.

Group Nish is a CRISIL rating 1B firm with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certifications. This is entirely consistent with our goal of being a preferred global vendor of EPC contracts in the field of ELECTROMATION. With a strong belief in our motto of "INSTRUMENTATION BASED, PROCESS DRIVEN," we vow to be focused on our clients' operations by incorporating specialty understanding values into their processes.

Company Overview

Proven Capabilities

Proven Capabilities

As a corporation, we have a thorough awareness and expertise of the Indian market, as well as the cultural patterns of various industrial solutions. We are one of the top EPC Contractors in the field of Electrical, Instrumentation, and Automation, with a solid track record in the Water & Waste Water, Process Industries, Steel Industry, and Renewal Energy.

We have a Design, Programming, Panel Manufacturing, and Execution Division in-house. Our Design Team has extensive expertise dealing with various design software such as E-Plan and AUTOCAD, and we adhere to ISA, IEEE, and IEC standards for drawings, and our designs are accepted by all Indian and international experts. Our programming team is well-versed in and skilled with various programming languages, including FB, SFC, LD, ST, and IL.

As a result, our staff is able to work on any Automation Platform. We also design programs with a unique way that works efficiently and uses less memory of the process as a result of our understanding of the process. Our Manufacturing Division is equipped with the most up-to-date equipment and has the necessary skills to manufacture all LV, PLC, DESK, VFD Specialty, and HV Panels. We have successfully integrated the greatest production rate of 1000 i/o Panels per day. We are both ISO and OHS certified.

We have a specialized in-house workforce of 100+ employees who are specifically trained and skilled in cable laying, cable tray work, termination, cold loop testing, hot loop testing, pneumatic tubing, and pipe works. With our in-house workforce of Workers and highly devoted Engineers team, we can take on any project with time constraints, and our project Management ensures that Work is completed on time.

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Our Milestones

Group Nish Departments

Design Division

NISH includes a staff of instrumentation, control, automation, and electrical design engineers. NISH engineers are well trained and experienced in preparing P&I diagrams, Panel GA, Loop diagrams, interlock logic diagrams, preparing cable schedule from general layout, earthing and lighting calculations, etc., NISH is using state-of-the-art E-PLAN Version 2.9 and AUTOCAD for this drawing preparation, We follow ISA, IEEE, and IEC standards for these drawings and are prepared in accordance with international standards. NISH's Surat design and engineering office services its Singapore branch as well and is familiar with EIL, B&V, NJ, Mott, TCE, JACOBS, and other Indian and international consultants.

Execution Division

NISH offers a team dedicated to installing instrumentation, control, automation, and electrical systems. NISH engineers have extensive experience and training in cable laying, cable tray work, termination, cold loop testing, hot loop testing, pneumatic tubing and piping, and other site work. A specialised in-house work force of 50 people can take on any project with a time limit, and our project management ensures that everything is completed on time. NISH has completed projects in steel plants, chemical plants, infrastructure projects such as water and waste water, and abroad in Singapore and other SEA nations, gaining experience and applying worldwide job execution standards.

Programming Division

NISH has a staff of highly trained programmers who can perform all types of automation programming in accordance with IEEE-61131-3 programming standards. NISH engineers are well trained and experienced in programming languages such as FB, SFC, LD, ST, and IL, allowing us to work on any control system such as SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, ROKWELL, GE, and others. NISH has completed huge projects with up to 20000 I/o's, and our programming staff can work on any of the above systems with same accuracy and speed. The NISH team has extensive expertise working with S7400, QUANTUM, M580, COMPACTLOGIX, and other platforms, as well as CITECT, INTTELLUTION, WONDERWARE, WINCC, and RS VIEW SCADA software. Due to competence in SFC, NISH programming approaches are unique and capable of functioning with less memory, particularly for batch chemical processes.

Panel Division

NISH has a 1400 SQ MTR shop floor with the capabilities of electrical LV, PLC, Desk, VFD, specialised, and HV panels. NISH has included a maximum of 1000 i/o panel per day production as a pick capability test. We can integrate panels in accordance with international standards, and our work quality is comparable to that of any international brand. We mostly use pre-fabricated panels, but we also offer type-tested panels. NISH has a dedicated staff of wiremen that are trained and skilled in panel integration in accordance with industry standards. NISH is an ISO and OHS certified company.

Project Management

NISH employs a one-of-a-kind project management and execution system based on automated progress reporting. This system is focused on collaboration, and real-time updates on each BOQ item as well as activities are available via web-based publishing. Also, to save employees' time, it uses chat platforms that are specialised to certain projects rather than mixing them with social networking tools. A centralised cloud-based configuration enables users to drill down to each minor activity of the project and receive real-time updates on the activity's status.The same is provided with the customer in a transparent manner in order to share information on their project and provide them with insight into what is going on at NISH in relation to their project work. A system is automated in which job dependencies are set and alarms are raised well in advance to control if something is running late. The foundations of this system's design are linked to HR systems, and the system's essentials are taken from the game of FOOTBALL and AUTOMATION.

Project Showcase

International Projects

  • Plasma Incinerator PEAT INC. USA- Electrical , ICA
  • Sea Water Treatment Masirah, OMAN- Automation
  • Plasma Incinerator PEAT INC. USA - SITE- CHINA- Electrical, ICA
  • ASCENDAS Waste Water Treatment Plant – VIETNAM- ICA
  • Software Development Team Leading for Heathrow T5- UK- Software
  • Plasma Incinerator ENPRO- MALAYSIA- Electrical, ICA
  • WW Treatment Plant for Palm Oil and Bio Gas Based power plant-Indonesia-ICA
  • Bedok – Newater Automation System – Singapore- Automation
  • JIDP Lime Control Automation System – Singapore-Automation
  • Automation System for Mandai Park Water Treatment Plant DAWTP – Singapore-Automation
  • SUMILAO- Waste to energy plant – ICA
  • SENGCHOON FARM – Waste to energy plant- Electrical, ICA


At Group Nish, you will work with our talented engineers in a positive working environment. Group Nish hosts a workplace that promotes employee growth and safety.

Join our Team and help us in shaping the future of instrumentation, Automation and Electrical Solutions.

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