Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Business and Technology

Automation applied in Operation Technology is used at production level for yielding consistent production. NISH offers solutions which connect production floor with the entire business through IT and domain-specific information can be generated on dashboards for predictive analysis to increase profitability.

Integration of ERP

ERP system has mostly all manual data entries and is in centralized local server with clients connected over LAN. Unlike OT data base this data base is mostly manually entered ,hence first it is to be sent to BI server where in combination of OT data base and ERP data base can generate information, this information is further processed for BI.

Typical users of ERP are departments shown here , user may vary depending upon configuration of ERP. Some department like PURCHASE and WARE HOUSE can be local as well as remote places.

Basic Concept

A successful business owner is so because of his prediction of upcoming situation, making decisions and activate team to take actions. BI system is real time support system generating information for TOP management to act faster with accuracy to increase efficiency of the business and thus profitability. The system is built very specifically and customized for particular business entity.

Overall Architecture

This is overview of architecture where in each module functions independently and integrated in to BI system to produce intelligence of business with FLOOR TO REVENUE connection of information derived from operational real time data.

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