CSR Policy

CSR Policy

CSR Policy
Nish Techno Project Pvt. Ltd. has always been sensitive to societal concerns and is dedicated to conducting its main business in a socially responsible manner, taking into account the broader interests of the community and the environment.

The Objectives

To develop communal assets for rural/urban society development

Increased commitment at all levels of the organization to strengthening the company's social and environmental conscience.

To conduct CSR activities primarily at NISH project locations, regional offices, and headquarters.

To enhance Nish Techno Projects Pvt. Ltd as a corporate entity's “positive & socially responsible” image.

To assist socially and economically disadvantaged parts of society in overcoming adversity and impoverishment while taking into account the interests of all stakeholders.

CSR Initiative

Health Care

Improvement of HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) in the Chemical Industry through Automation:


Because of the different essential processes in the chemical industry, the life of a person operating the process is always at risk, and a single error might trigger a major accident in the plant. While our systems take care of this, we also make sure to protect the operator's health by limiting his exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals.


With the deployment of the automation process for chemical companies, all essential parameters of the process are taken care of by the system itself, guaranteeing that accidents and significant breakdowns are kept to a minimum.


Our systems bring value to pollution reduction and carbon footprint reduction.

Uplifting of Underprivileged

  • The hiring policy prioritizes candidates.

Coming from a lower-middle-class or poor family background

With parents who are unable to work

We evaluate a candidate's capabilities while recruiting based on a person's skill set rather than physical condition, giving physically challenged candidates an equal opportunity

  • We show a motivating way to assisting physically challenged artists.
  • Employees and their dependents receive emergency medical assistance.
  • The loan is given for the purpose of improving one's living conditions, such as housing loans, vehicle loans, education loans, and so on.
  • Employees leaving the firm to join a Multinational – Government Organization or pursue higher education will have a smoother exit process.

HSE Improvement for Stakeholders

  • We held a blood donation camp on our campus and collected 106 units of blood
  • By forming alliances with health care facilities, we were able to provide superior healthcare services to our employees.
  • We also took part in a city Night Marathon for a good cause.


  • We have created an Industry-Academia Partnership in order to provide a forum for students to learn about the industry's technical and management know-how.
  • We provide a platform for our employees who want to improve their education in their different fields of work.